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Karatsuyaki no Sato Walk in Kitahata

●Event date:Nov 23(Thu) 2017
 ※In case of rain, the event will be called off.
●Meeting Place:Kishidake furusato kan
 (Parking lot:Kitahata Central Square)

Handbill [PDF]

Kitahata wakuwaku stamp rally

●Event date:Nov 12(Sun)~Dec 25(Mon) 2017
●prize exchange booth:Kishidake furusato kan
●Inquiries: Kitahata Citizen Center
 General Affairs Education Division
Handbill [PDF]

Kitahata Furusato Summer Festival 2017

●Event date:July 21(Fri)2017
●Time:18:00 ~ 21:20
 Kitahata Junior High School ground
 Tokusue, Kitahata, Karatsu City
 Parking lot available(free of charge)
●Inquiries: Kitahata Citizen Center
 General Affairs Education Division
Handbill [PDF]

Tokusue Gion Festival 2017

●Event date:July 22 (Sat), 23 (Sun)2017
Handbill [PDF]

Karatsuyaki no Sato Festival

●Event date:May 28(Sun)2017
●Time:12:00 ~ 17:00
 around Koyounomori Park
●Inquiries:Karatsuyaki no Sato Professiona Association,
 Department of Public Relations
Handbill [PDF]

Kishidake furusato kan year‐end Big Thanks Fair

●Event date:Dec 16(Fri)・17(Sut)・18(Sun)2016
 Kishidake furusato kan
 Tokusue, Kitahata, Karatsu City
 ★Fresh Produce 100 Yen
 ★Kitahata Grown Tea 1,000 Yen
 ★Taking orders for New Year's rice cakes/small rice cakes
 ★Zenzai, Oden, and other hot dishes plus many more bargains.


Kitahata fureai Festa

●Event date:Nov 13(Sun)2016
●Time:9:00 ~ 16:10
 Kitahata Central Square
 Tokusue, Kitahata, Karatsu City
The fall fair features a Kitahata produce exhibit and sale.
Visit the Karatsu green tea area and sales booths plus many other events. Don't miss it!

Handbill [PDF]

Kishidake Fire Festival

●Event date:Nov 12(Sat)・13(Sun)2016
●Time:10:00 ~ 17:00
  Kishidake furusato kan
 Tokusue, Kitahata, Karatsu Cit
See many fine Kishidake ceramics and learn about the roots of Karatsu ceramic ware.
Handbill [PDF]

Rhododendron Festival

The Giant Rhododendron of Shiki

 The Rhododendron Festival is held at the Kishidake Furusatokan, timed to coincide with the blooming of the flowers. Local products and Rhododendron seedlings are available.

Location: Kitahata Tokusue, Kishtake Furusatokan

May Shincha Festival

Enjoy tea grown in Kitahata at the [Shincha Festival]

 The Shincha Festival is held at Kishidake Furusatokan, where you can enjoy tea grown in Kitahata, one of the foremost tea growing regions in Kyushu.

 Fragrant Kitahata green tea is born from the pure air and water of the region. You can sample and purchase Kitahata tea at our tea processing facility. Tea Yokan, a sweet made with Kitahata tea and matcha is a local favorite.

Place: Kitahata Tokusue  Furusatokan
Time: From late April through Early May

July Tokusue Gion

A festival of Tokusue Yasakajinja featuring floats and accompanying drum and whistle music.

 It is believed that the history of this festival goes back 270 years. It was revived in 1982, and happens during the last Saturday and Sunday of July.

July   Kitahata Furusato Summer Festival


Fireworks light up the night sky of Kitahata

 With themes of sky letters and even Niagara falls, there will be 700 fireworks launched. Fireworks are launched near the event area, making it a very exciting event. The Tokusue Gion Yamagasa is held concurrently, giving you even more to enjoy.
     Video here.

November   Kishidake Fire Festival


Kishidake Fire Festival

 This fair in the center of Kishidake at the central square showcases local produce, as well as offering produce at wholesale prices. There is also a small truck flea market, where items are sold from the backs of small trucks. Every year, the main events planned at center stage attract many visitors.

November  Kitahata Town Fair


The largest fall event in Kitahata

  Held at the Kitahata Chuo Hiroba in the center of Kitahata. At this lively event, visitors can sample local produce and products at the many stands and booths, or enjoy.

November  Karatsuyaki no Sato Walk in Kitahata

唐津焼の里ウォーク in 北波多

Make the rounds of Kitahata's
「Local Treasures」

 At this event, one can visit many sites of interest on foot, learning about Karatsu ceramic ware and the history of Kishidake castle on the way. Guides will walk you through Kitahata, including to the old kiln ruins and the stone walls of the Kishidake castle ruins. Kill two birds with one stone by having a history lesson and getting your exercise in all at once!